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Steffani Seven has been an active recording artist for over two decades. She has released a few singles laced with the sweet beats and sultry vibe of the Reggae genre fused with other musical styles.

She has been able to accomplish this with many talented musicians and producers from her homeland Jamaica and Internationally.

Seven's earlier works include songs such as "Heaven" by Courick Clarke HeartCour Productions. "Truth Is" by Adrianne Scarlett, HitzFactory Music was only the beginning of establishing her as an authentic and vibrant Jamaican Reggae artiste. Other producers such as Nigel Asher, Rudy Valentino, and Thomas Bostlemann have collaborated with Steffani over the most recent years. (Jah Jah Knows and Sony, Sticks and Stones and Life is Perfect, respectively.)

Steffani has now embarked on a new project where she will fuse all her artistry harmoniously together. "Keep On Moving" will be a cornucopia of all her songs, books, and fine art. Over the many years of experience, her maturity has blossomed. She is now ready not only to write and perform but also to produce.

Her first two independently produced songs to are "Keep On Moving" and "Shift."

Her love for Reggae is undeniable. In the past, she has had works that are a fusion of Reggae and other genres. Some of which are the foundation of Jamaican roots, including Ska, Rock Steady, and Dub, infused with splashes of soul and rock.

Presently she wants to experiment more with other genres that resonate with her.

She has an excellent support team of Narrator (Nicola Joseph), Singers ( Najaca Soul), Musicians ( The Big Deal Band), and Dancers (Chris Icon and the Iconic Dancers).